Mulltiple sync agents attempted to join the same session

I am using the ‘Template App’ supplied by Realm/MongoDB (Tasks).

I am able to login / logout with a single user, and there are no problems. On logging in as User 1, and then logging out, and attempting to login as User 2 (both using username/password authentication), I receive the following error, and the app terminates with a ‘MultipleSyncAgents’ error:

**Received: ERROR "User mismatch for client file identifier (IDENT)" (error_code=223, try_again=true, error_action=ClientReset)**

**libc++abi: terminating with uncaught exception of type realm::MultipleSyncAgents: Multiple sync agents attempted to join the same session**

Atlas Log reports: “ClientFileUserMismatch Error”

Can anyone assist?

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