MQL for update many with a new field from existing document

Hi Guys

what would a correct query look like to perform this:

db.employees.updateMany({}, {$set : {“new_field”:"$privileges"}},

All attempts places the “stringvalue” and not the field equivalent in the new_field.

on a simple schema like this :

{ _id: ObjectId("604fbebd435c984410df951c"),
    name: 'Martin',
    age: 43,
    phone: { personal: '555-123-123', work: '555-456-456', ext: '5623' },
    privileges: 'user',
    favorites: { food: 'pizza', artist: 'Picasso' },
    finished: [ 18, 12 ],
    badges: [ 'black', 'blue' ],
    points: [ { points: 78, bonus: 8 }, { points: 57, bonus: 7 } ],
     [ { Date: 2021-03-15T20:26:56.041Z,
         levelgranted: '$ROOT.privileges' } ],
    SecurityLog2: [ { date: '$NOW', level: 'user' } ],
    Headoffice: { CompanyName: 'MangoHQ', city: 'Cork' },
    adress: [ 'Military hill', 'Cork', 'Ireland' ],
    new_field: '$privileges' } ]

Welcome to the community Miroslaw,

Starting from MongoDB 4.2 you can update with aggregation pipeline, which allows the use of other fields to update a field.

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Hi, i dont to aggregate a find, I want to add a field with an update, i want to UPDATE the original document with a combination from the $$ROOT document to create a new value pair… Please review my question and you will notice and understand my question…
updateMany({}, {$set : {“new_field”:"$privileges"}},

In short, try this:

db.members.update( { },
      { $set: { new_field: "$privileges" } }
   { multi: true })

Hope that solves your issue
ps: this is not the aggregation framework, it’s still an update

so basically u took my query and took out the upsert?

this is not working… hence im asking for assistance…
this community is not as active i see


not really
please check the documentation. you used a document as an update parameter:

{$set : {“new_field”:"$privileges"}}

I used a pipeline with one stage

    { $set: { new_field: "$privileges" } }

which allows the use of other fields values
By default, upster is set to false

It works, at least for me:

try a similar scenario on the web shell and share the screenshot of what you get

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good luck

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finally worked once i compared the code.
MongoSH warns that update is deprecated.

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