Movies collection is not loaded in Primary Cluster

I’ve followed along and everything seems correct but When making new connection with primary Atlas it only loads two collections, I’ve tried more than once but doesn’t work.

What have you tried?

Also try clicking on this button:

Nope, doesn’t work.
I’ve connected more than once but only 2 databases are showing.

Can you show us the snapshot of how you loaded the data
Did you use shell or compass?
Can you see data from shell?
I connected to your cluster by shell.Cannot see any new DBs other than admin and local
Please check your steps again

I’m using compass and it has data from previous connection with 12 Databases. Reconnected, still doesn’t work.

If you are seeing 12 DBs it is not correct.
It is class cluster

Your own sandbox cluster should have few dbs default ones and what you loaded
Are you sure you loaded the data in your sandbox cluster?
That’s why i am asking you to show the snapshot

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This is the previous cluster

This is the snap shot of Atlas Cluster
and this

Should I reconnect Atlas from the start?

Hi @Noor_45033,

In this course we use two different clusters : class atlas cluster and Sandbox cluster.

class atlas cluster is owned by MongoDB and the users have read-only access. In this cluster we have 12 databases as @Ramachandra_37567 mentioned earlier.

The class atlas cluster has this substring in the connection string : jxeqq

You created your own sandbox cluster in this Lab 2.0: Create an Atlas Sandbox Cluster. By default, this cluster has two databases as you are seeing right now.

Your sandbox cluster has this substring in the connection string : il7dw

Hope it helps!

Please feel free to get back to us if you have any other query.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer

Thank You for the support! :slight_smile:

Closing this thread as the issue has been resolved.