movieDetails collection does not exist

movieDetails collection does not exist. In the video db i see just the movies collection.

Hi there!

You should review the note on the question carefully.

“NOTE: We are not asking you to consider specifically which documents would be output from the queries below, but rather what fields the output documents would contain.”

You don’t need the dataset for this question. Think about projections of the fields…

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Then don’t ask about a specific collection. Especially one that we’ve seen before, when we were asked to import it on the Sandbox cluster. That would make anyone think the collection is missing. The note is also not very clear. I lost a question for no reason. Well, not a big deal since i got 100% on everything else so i don’t really care about it, but please edit it for the next course.

Hi Darkhan,
This collection does exist. It’s part of the data you had to import to your personal Atlas cluster during Chap2.

Also, don’t worry, you didn’t “lost a question”. Since this is the final exam, you can edit any of your answers until the end of the course.

Hope this helped someone for next time.


You are right movieDetails does not exist in video. The database mflix has movieDetails and the video should be corrected