Mongoshell connection problem

Hi, I’d like to have some advice / help from you.
When I try to connect DB to shell in IDE ,
it doesn’t proceed. just stop

bash-4.4# mongo "mongodb+srv://>

like this.
Sometimes, it let me type password but many times it doesn’t run well.
Also when I make error while typing commands,
it also stop with


sign and I typed


and also I pressed ctrl + C to exit from the shell but it doesn’t work.

How can I proceede the connection in IDE and how can I exit from the error page ?
Thank you in advance!

I suspect that you cut-n-pasted your command from somewhere else and there was a trailing > sign.

Try to reset the IDE. Then at the bash-4.4# prompt. Enter your command. You may cut-n-paste everything except the trailing > and enter the complete collection name which is sample_training. And make sure to type a trailing double quote.


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