Mongosh deference help and examples

This may really be a “beginner js question” …

In mongosh:
  help: '',
  docs: '',
  attr: [
      description: ''

How does one dereference the “help:” and “docs:” and “description:” values and see this content, please?

Hi @Jack_Woehr,

Could you elaborate further what do you mean by deference here ?
In mongosh v0.0.5 (current) I could execute which gives me the output below:


  db.runCommand({ text: "myCollection", search: "searchKeywords" }):

  Runs an arbitrary command on the database.

  For more information on usage:

The help is expanded into the example on how to run the command, and the docs is expanded into a brief description of the command and the link.
Is this what you’re looking for ?


Using Mongosh Beta: 0.0.5

For more information about mongosh, please see the wiki:

TypeError: is not a function

Looks like you are running from master. I recommend using the released version. master should be stable enough but you might run into things like this.

Thanks @Massimiliano_Marcon … I’m glad it is not the problem that I do not have my environment set up correctly.

  • Tested, you are correct: the release tag v0.0.5 builds an image that correctly executes