Mongos on Atlas

Hey, was wondering is there a default created Mongos on Atlas? , and any instructions on how to create it?

Do you mean using the IDEs ?

mongos binary is installed so it is possible.

If it’s for learning it could run 3 standalone servers (2 database and 1 config).

These are 3 mongod processes.

In this case only 4 config files are needed (the extra one for mongos).

Hey Santiago, thanks for the help, how to apply let’s say a mongos and configsvr? by default the cluster is created with 3 replicasets each on a different shard, and i can’t edit on it…

With the free tier it’s just a replica set with 3 nodes, you can upgrade the plan (paying money). But what is given is more than enough to get started.

Details can be found in this section on your session:

Screenshot from 2020-10-25 15-00-28

You can always create a more complex architecture locally for practice (that’s what I did at least).

Thanks Santiago, yup gonna go for the local, thanks again!