MongoRestore problem and solving

Hello. I had a problem with MongoRestore due to the course about it. In hour practicing and tutorial studying i found a clear solution for beginners to restore databases:

Step1. You have a dump of sample_supplies in your dir:(“C:\users\Alex\dump\sample_supplies\sales.bson”)

Step2. You should delete sample_supplies database in your cluster.

Step3. You should make a command via cmd in windows and your working directory for cmd should be a same where dump was created. In my case is “C:\Users\Alex”.

mongorestore --uri “mongodb+srv://m001-student:m001-mongodb-basics@sandbox.*****” --db sample_supplies dump/sample_supplies

where: ***** - your cluster id

–db sample_supplies - The name of database which creates in your cluster again

dump/sample_supplies - working directory where your database was dump (“C:\users\Alex\dump\sample_supplies”)

And everything works fine.