Mongorestore from oplog dumped file

mongodump --host=“rs0/localhost:27017,localhost:27018,localhost:27019” --readPreference=secondary -d local -c --query “{“ts”: {”$gte": {"$timestamp": {“t”:$lasttime, “i”: 50}}}}" -vvv -o /home/anupama/backupec2/inc_back

I dumped file using the above command and created a new instance where i tried to restore the file but the fike is not getting restore in oplog of local

sudo mongorestore op/oplog.bson
2020-03-30T07:37:06.063+0000	checking for collection data in op/oplog.bson
2020-03-30T07:37:06.071+0000	restoring op.oplog from op/oplog.bson
2020-03-30T07:37:06.132+0000	no indexes to restore
2020-03-30T07:37:06.132+0000	finished restoring op.oplog (235 documents, 0 failures)
2020-03-30T07:37:06.132+0000	235 document(s) restored successfully. 0 document(s) failed to restore.

I am getting this output but no changes I can see in local database .

It probably created a newer database. The documentation says:

As mongorestore restores from the dump/ directory, it creates the database and collections as needed and logs its progress:

The restore probably added documents to an existing collection.