Mongorestore does nothing (?) and problems logging in with Compass

Executing mongorestore

I’m trying to execute the following mongorestore command

mongorestore --drop --gzip -v --uri "mongodb+srv://" data

When I put this in my command line, nothing seems to happen. There is no output at all, not even when using --verbose.

When I try to quit the process, I get the message:

signal ‘interrupt’ received; attempting to shut down

This would seem to indicate that it was actually doing something in the background.

However, when I go to the cluster in Atlas, the metrics are all comletely flat.

Logging in with Compass

I also tried to log into the cluster with Compass, to see whether documents were being added or not. However, every time I try to log in, I get this message:

connection 70 to closed

Where the first number increases by a seemingly random amount every time I try to log in.

Given the problems logging in with Compass as well, I’m thinking it might be a problem with my cluster’s settings, but I’m not sure of that at all.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Niels,

Can you confirm that’s the correct Atlas URI for your cluster ? If it is the correct URI, did you configure your whitelist in Atlas to allow access for anywhere ?

Hope this help in finding the issue!

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Darnit, I reused a cluster I had used previously and I really thought I had that set.
I think it would be easier to find this out if there would have been some kind of error in the command line and a more clear error message in Compass.

Thanks a lot for the quick resolution!