Mongorestore command

Can some please assist me in setting up this :

mongorestore --drop --gzip --uri mongodb+srv:// data

I don’t really know what’s wrong with my string but am getting an error every time I run it in the terminal.
This is what am getting :
`` 2019-05-17T02:35:59.751+0300 error parsing command line options: error parsing uri (mongodb+srv:// scheme must be “mongodb”
2019-05-17T02:35:59.751+0300 try ‘mongorestore --help’ for more information

Hi @Gabriel123_a,

Sorry for the delayed response. Please let me know if you are still facing the trouble.


@Gabriel123_a, I suspect that your are using an old version of the command that does not support ‘mongodb+srv’. You should update to a newer version, or use the old style URI.

Have you been able to resolve this???

IF yes, kindly assist me with you resolved it.

Hi @Gafar_Raji_26407,

Please check my post here: