MongoParseError: URI malformed, cannot be parsed

How are you
I am facing this error and not able to solve this issue?
I am trying from 2-4 days?
I have already install all dependencies.

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Hey @Muhammad_Fakhar_E_89003

What does the contents of your .env file look like?

And you have made sure to follow all the steps outlined in the Ticket: Connection from chapter 1?


thanks for the reply,
problem resolved finally by changing the file name from “dotenv_linux.env” to " .env"


Best of luck with the rest of the course. :wink:

@natac13 @Muhammad_Fakhar_E_89003 Can you please explain why the name needs to be changed?

Because the code reads a file named .env.

Since the format or content is different from one platform to the other the team cannot distribute the file under its required named.

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