MongoNetworkError: certificate has expired

I’ve got a free version of mongoDB for storing data for applications in which I didn’t change anything and suddenly everything stopped working.
My role under Database Access: atlasAdmin@admin, Authentication Method: SCRAM. I am the only admin.
And I am logged into the application via:
Authentication Type

I didn’t even know about the existence of: Certificate.
I accessed a link similar to the following:

@cyxapik_VID - Welcome to the community.

Do you have any more information regarding your application attempting to connect? What driver and driver version?

Are you able to connect to the same cluster using MongoDB Compass or mongosh?


Hi, Jason :grinning:.

Thanks, but the problem disappeared by itself in a couple of days after it appeared. Probably it was some technical work of mongoDB developers.
My applications were working properly for several months, I didn’t make any changes to them, and one day they stopped working, it’s not my fault.
I use Node.js 14.17.0 for deployment.
Locally Node.js v18.18.0.
I am also using the mongoose offecial library.
“mongoose”: “^6.10.4”,
“mongoose-unique-validator”: “^3.1.0”.

Thanks for the feedback and for contributing to the community :smiley:.

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