MongolDB Realm is returning an empty realm

Hello everyone,
Lately I’ve been looking into using SwiftUI to implement my app, I used the guidelines from this repository: .

The new user document is executing without no problems, the partition is correct ex “user=xxxx”, the publisher is calling the right partition to open.

I implemented almost similar, but for some reason after successful login I’m getting an empty realm without the newly created user document from the backend.

The 3 user logging check are the AppState isLoggedIn bool check:

Not getting any errors on the Realm Logs.

Really confused.

Thank you.

Hmm this may be the case of new Realm vs Realm.asyncOpen - how are you opening the realm? You can see our SwiftUI tutorial here with Sync -

Sorry Ian, I figured it out, I really was not seeing that my “newUserDocument” misses some required field that I added recently, this it seems to be the problem.