Mongofb --repair throws a core dump - how do I recover the raw data?


We have a stand-alone MongoDB instance running the latest release via docker.

We had a severe crash yesterday, when one of analysts dropped a database while a separate process attempted to insert a document into one of the collections of the database. Presumably this was a race condition, but regardless, MongoDB crashed.

We restarted MongoDB, but it kept crashing. We then ran the --repair command and MongoDB threw a core dump.

I can’t find any actual documentation around the --repair command, is it possible to rebuild the database without building the indexes? We just need to access the data.

My question is how do I recover the raw data from the wireshark files:

eg: collection-138-3885477232820226262.wt

Is this just BSON? Is there a way to extract the raw data so I can just re-insert it into a fresh mongodb instance?