Mongoexport / mongodum with --uri

During my studying of MongoDB I tried to dump a collection from training course’s mongo database. I tried both mongodump and mongoexport . My shell command is like
mongoexport --uri="mongodb://,," --collection=collection-name --out=collection-name.json --ssl

When I run the command, nothing happened: no response, no new local files, no errors, only cursor flashes.

How can I export collections by the uri ?

Try uri string

mongoexport --uri="mongodb+srv://" --collection=xyz --out=xyz.json 

modify above to suit your cluster

@Ramachandra_Tummala As I tried this on my machine I got:
On some systems, a password provided directly in a connection string or using --uri may be visible to system status programs such as ps that may be invoked by other users. Consider omitting the password to provide it via stdin, or using the --config option to specify a configuration file with the password.

That’s true
Just omit password from your command
It will prompt for password
Give the password and your command should work

You can explore config file with password option also