Mongodump, mongorestore and SSL

Hi all,
Do mongodump, mongorestore, etc automatically use SSL when connecting to a database hosted in MongoDB Atlas? Or is TLS/SSL optional in the workings of these tools and its use should be enabled explicitly in the command line?
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Hi @Eduardo_Cavalcanti,

Atlas require the --ssl parameter for any of the MongoDB tools connecting to it as all connections ars SSL encrypted.

You can find more here

As well as under the tools tab on your atlas cluster.


Hi Pavel,
Thanks for your answer.

I have recently migrated from mLab to MongoDB Atlas. When loading our company databases to Atlas I used mongorestore, connecting through a VPN.The mongorestore version was the same as the cluster instances’ mongodb version

I have used mongorestore without no ssl configuration parameter and it worked fine.

The command format used was:

mongorestore --uri mongodb+srv://:@ --nsFrom=<source_db>.* --nsTo=<target_db>.*

My point is: using mongorestore with no ssl definition on the operation issued,
a) was SSL automatically, transparently being used on the connection?
b) or was SSL not being used at all, because not explicitly invoked?

I would like to know that to determine if I still need to use a VPN to (somewhat) securely use mongodump/mongorestore when connecting from my workstation to our Atlas hosted databases.

Just a remark for the message above. The mongorestore comand format did not appear well.

A better representation is:

mongorestore --uri mongodb+srv://user:password@uri --nsFrom=source_db.* --nsTo=target_db.*

Hi @Eduardo_Cavalcanti,

When using SRV records the SSL is implicitly defined.

Let me know if you have any questions.