Mongodump failing

2021-10-22T01:11:03.154-0400 [conn5] SEVERE: unable to open file number 73
2021-10-22T01:11:03.154-0400 [conn5] cloudfuze.MoveWorkSpaces Assertion failure n >= 0 && n < static_cast(_files.size()) src/mongo/db/storage/extent_manager.cpp 109

getting this error while doign mongodump or mongorestore

can you help here to resolve this issue?

Please share the exact command that you ran. The error message

seems to point in the direction of wrong usage.

iam using below commands

mongodump --dbpath /mongodump/mongodb --repair
mongorestore --dbpath /mongodump/db /mongodump/mongodb

Your usage is wrong in both cases. There are no option --dbpath. Please consult documentation at