MongoDb University Profile for Certificate

hi all,

I just want to check for the certificate, the profile must match only on name or also the company?


Hi arw3n,

Which one? The course completion confirmation or MONGODB Certification?

I am sorry I did not get your question right. :frowning: Please elaborate.


Hi kanikasingla,

now I’m confuse… lol… which one you get when you finish a course? what’s the difference?

there was a point in the course (or it was an email, not sure) where they ask you to check your profile name so the certificate it’s ok

That is the course completion confirmation which you get after you have completed the course.

You need to confirm your first name and last name on your profile as it will get printed on confirmation.

You can edit your details by clicking on My Account (top header) -> University Profile.

In your course completion confirmation, only First name and Last name will be printed.


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thanks kanika. it’s appreciated