MongoDB University M100 SQL for pros

I had a wonderful time with this one. I loved the way that I was able to see what the comparative SQL query would look like and it brought so much clarity for me to the syntax of MQL! We also looked at availability, server maintenance, schema migration and using MongoDB as a data Platform and not just a database. Thanks for this one MongoDB University. I have also been pressing into outside learning and experimentation. At a point I am going to connect my cluster to a frontend of some sort but that will be figured out along the way in a natural progression of things. May the force be with you. :microbe: Proof of Completion


Hi @Jason_Nutt,

We’re super glad that you liked our university courses. We appreciate your kind words.
Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestion related to our University courses, so we can improve and create more interactive courses in the future.



Thanks for the encouragement @Kushagra_Kesav ! I am not one that likes to comment on things like this but I do find that the in course IDE is much more difficult to pass labs with, than figuring out how to actually interact with my real world MongoDB Atlas cluster, in compass or VSCode or in the shell after learning the knowledge that is in the courses. I can then go out and apply that knowledge to my Atlas cluster in the real world and experiment and learn so much more because I am not stuck on a particular lab question I can’t configure correctly and may or may not be contingent on a prior lab being improperly completed. I have figured out that I can skip some labs and still pass the course, so I will try and do that and progress through MongoDB University as well as following tutorials on MongoDB and listening to the MongoDB podcast, and don’t forget experimentation using compass and charts and running queries. Not complaining about the IDE , just observing my findings in my learning journey.


Hey @Jason_Nutt,

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback (especially related to IDE). It seems very useful and simultaneously I have forwarded your feedback to our Curriculum team.

Our Curriculum Engineers are working on revamping the course and we will surely incorporate this relevant feedbacks and make the course more helpful for the users.

Best Regards,
Kushagra Kesav,
Curriculum Services Engineer

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