Mongodb trigger is not called after restore operation

Hi Team,

I have created a trigger in mongodb atlas which listens for every insertion in a collection . I tried restoring the mongodb . At the end of the restore I dont find the trigger getting called.

Hi @saiprasanthkumar_P,

Do you have more information regarding what you are trying to do here specific to the triggers? Additionally, how are you performing the restore? Is it from an Atlas backup using the UI or are you running a mongorestore from a client?


Hi @Jason_Tran,

I was using mongo atlas for the restore operation.

I am using the trigger to update the document , whenever document is getting inserted into the collection.

Do you mean restoration of a cloud backup here? I do not believe this would activate the trigger (but will need to verify on my test environment) as Atlas uses the native snapshot capabilities of your cloud provider to support full-copy snapshots and localized snapshot storage.

In the meantime whilst i’m testing the backup restore behaviour in insert triggers, does the trigger itself work when you do the non-restore action such as an insert to the collection where the trigger is active?