MongoDB Shell Installation issue on Win7 64 bit

Hi, I downloaded the necessary msi and installed it, while installing i got this question…i took the default options and completed the installation, but nothing was installed. No path as mentioned in the video. Please help.

Should i run as network service user or local domain user? what are the credentials for the local domain? Or should I unchcek the install mongodb as a service check box?

I have the same question as the OP.

Hi @Dante00, is your question about whether you should install MongoDB as a service or not? If it is, for the purpose of the course that you’re doing, untick the checkbox.

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Thanks, that was my question. Also found this on stack overflow to provide a little more color.

So basically, if you’re going to be setting up your Windows machine as an actual live / remote server, you’re probably gonna wanna run it as a service so that it’s always running and available, but if you just intend on running it locally for development purposes you probably shouldn’t so it’s easier to shut down and spin back up if you need to and isn’t always running in the background when you don’t need it? – Jason Masters Jul 29 at 16:59