Mongodb server rpms for redhat 9

There are several posts on the net where people have installed mongodb server on redhat 9. However, the repo seems to no longer contain packages for redhat 9 x64.

Anyone know what the status is?

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Joseph_Casale !

Per the MongoDB Production Notes, Redhat 9 is not an officially supported O/S yet.

However, changes for SERVER-62302: Platform Support: Add support for RHEL9 x86 have recently been committed to the current development branch and should be backported for MongoDB 6.0. Platform support and validation for RHEL9 ARM is still in progress.

Unfortunately I do not have more specific timing to share for an expected release date yet.

Suggested workarounds in the interim would be to:

  • Run your MongoDB deployment on separate hosts with supported O/S versions (eg RHEL 8)

  • Run MongoDB in a container/VM with a supported O/S version

  • Use a hosted version of MongoDB (eg MongoDB Atlas) so you have fewer direct dependencies on O/S updates


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