MongoDB Realm write operations getting executed in local realm after sync permissions setup

We have requirement in our exiting application to restrict write/update operations for other user login and only owner of the records can do write/update transactions. Example - User A created records can be modified with User A login only.which we are able to accomplish in Legacy Realm

We are leveraging MongoDB realm on the same.

  1. Roles set on document level using Sync rules :- which doesn’t worked for us as we are enabling Realm Sync and Cluster level Sync permissions always overrides these sync rules as per the documentation.

  2. Sync Permissions (As suggested in reply and MongoDB team recommended) :- We have tried to leverage and apply sync permissions in cluster level and ran to reported issue.

Issue description : If we configure sync permissions and enable Realm sync for MongoDB Realm application and consuming Realm app in iPad application using MongoDb Realm Swift SDK. we are able to proceed write transaction in local realm and able to persist that transaction while relaunch the application. Due to sync permissions configuration ,it is not syncing with cluster which is good but in Offline client application able to persist write transactions and able to see on Client app.

Based on the solution suggested, We are still able to Read/Write to realms but data sync to MongoDB is prevented. This should not be allowed. Realms should not be accessible (Readable/Writeable) by the user who does not own the Realm. Just avoiding Sync is not solving our requirement…

Could you please suggest us leverage the best way to address user transaction restrictions.