MongoDB realm version confusion

I am confused and want to know is MongoDB Realm in beta or got a stable release, if yes, what is the current version of MongoDB Realm. Also, is MongoDB Stitch deprecated. I like realm very much and want to use it for my next apps. I want to use Realm for web React Apps, but I don’t see the Realm is beta but I definately see realm-js in beta (in github). I mostly want to use Realm for making GraphQl servers, is that stable for long term. Also, the Auth in realm for JS is provided by realm-js, is that also stable.

Hi Saurabh,

You can use either the realm-web SDK or the legacy stitch SDKs at the moment. The realm-web SDK is in Beta and will eventually replace the Stitch Web SDK, which we plan to sunset towards the end of the year. If you are planning on implementing Authentication using anonymous, email/password, or API key, the realm-web SDK already supports these.

You can also use our GraphQL service right now with any GraphQL client in your React App. This is now GA now and should be stable.