MongoDB Realm Studio

I run a database of a MongoDB Realm Cluster and can edit it using the “Collections” section on the website. How can I edit the database using Realm Studio? Or how do you normally get data where the classes have multiple relations to each other into the cluster?

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MongoDB Realm Studio doesn’t support opening synced Realms at this point in time, unfortunately. To inspect the documents in a collection you might be able to use Compass?

To add data into the cluster, you might also be successful in writing a small Node.js script that perform the import, using the Realm JS SDK.

Yeah, you don’t need to worry about Realm Studio - which is really only used to inspect local realms. Compass is great, it is significantly more featured than the old Realm Studio, but you can also just use the Collections tab in the Atlas view of the portal. I usually find this faster than Compass.

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