MongoDB Realm Real World Use Cases - White Papers Wanted

Are there any white papers or other documentation showing how MongoDB Realm is being used in real-world apps?

There used to be a resource on the Realm site which highlighted companies and the app they created and what problem that app solved or addressed.

Is there anything like that currently available?

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I’m not a MongoDB employee so there maybe a site that I don’t know about but I’ve only seen blog posts pop up on the mongodb blog that describe using MongoDB Realm such as this post: How built Search Relevancy Platform with MongoDB Realm.

Looping back around on this topic

If you have an App or are using MongoDB Realm in a live situation, would you mind telling us about it and the use case? Just a short one sentence would be very helpful.

Any MongoDB employees have an example(s)?

There is this one

It would be great if the MongoDB Realm website would contain use-cases and white papers about existing apps - potential users of MongoDB Realm would greatly benefit from that info and provide some insight in how they can integrate it into their own project.

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Hi Jay
We do have plenty of realm world use cases that we can share. Let me dig out some links and come back to you. Off hand, I have these 2 -


Excellent news! Thanks for the above info and I feel highlighting real world use-cases is a fantastic idea.


No problem. We’ll share more when we have them.

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