Mongodb Realm only one account is loggd in at a time when deployed on heroku via github

So, I Have uploaded my web app, built on express on Heroku. Temporarily there are four app users, so I went on my deployed website and logged in my id, then my friend with his device went to the link and was directly logged in with my id, like it was pre logged in. I think the deployed server is storing the app.currentUser() when anyone logs in the server.

I think the problem is with this file, even though i have added this file in .gitignore it still shows up.

Thank you in advanced!

Can anyone please help to solve this issue. Am new to mongoDB Atlas and Realm

Adding a file to gitignore doesn’t remove it from the repo

I’ve only used Realm for client applications while in this case it seems like you’re developing a server backend. You’ll need to tie the user to a session … can’t help much beyond this

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