MongoDB Realm in consoles (PS5, XBOX series, Nintendo Switch)

Hi everyone!
We are creating a cross-platform game with Unity. We are authenticating users using Unity Authentication services and then feeding a Unity token to the database to authenticate different users. However, we are not sure if Realm can actually be used in consoles or not, since the documentation only states iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, or Windows.
In more detail: The authentication of the user in different platforms is going to be handled by Unity, so that’s not an issue. We are going to use custom functions to use that unity user ID to authenticate into Realm and Atlas. However, that only ensures that we can authenticate users in any device, but that doesn’t mean that the Realm environment is going to work/run in PS5, XBOX Series, and Nintendo Switch. Does anyone know if the Realm environment will run/work on consoles?
Thank you all!

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Hi. We don’t support any console, so Realm won’t run on any of those.

To clarify a little: Realm does work on Xbox, but we haven’t enabled the setting in the Unity package to tell Unity to deploy the correct binaries.

Re: PS5 and Switch - we don’t support them currently, but can work on adding support. To decide on the priorities, it’ll be helpful if you reached out to your AE (since you’re using Atlas) and convey to them your timelines and requirements.

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@BorisSchwindt Product for Realm here - we do not have a developer license for PS5 or Switch but you can give it a try to compile yourself on these platforms since we are open source and see if it works. If there is problem you can file an issue, if its a quick fix perhaps we can get it sorted for you, if its a much larger project we can see where it falls in our quarterly planning prioritization process.

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Hey @nirinchev what do you mean by AE? We are kinda new to Atlas and MongoDB in the project.

That sounds like the best plan. We are still some long time from publishing and testing with developer kits, but I’ll try to get my hands on one to test the MongoDB Realm environment and check if it works. Thanks!

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