MongoDB realm and Xamarin Forms

Hi there.
I’m building an app, and i wanted to use Realm and Realm Cloud. I previously build an app in Xamarin Forms using Realm and Realm Cloud, and it was pretty straight forward with great guides in documentation.
Now MongoDb has acquiredrealm, and created ‘MongoDb realm’, and i can’t for the love of Baby Yoda figure out how to implement it in a Xamarin Forms app. So my question is - can i just use Realm Cloud? It seems to be up and running - and if so - will i have to worry about having to migrate to Atlas in the future?

Thanks in advance.

We just released the first beta of the .NET SDK that adds support for MongoDB Realm. For the most part, it should be fairly straightforward migration where you replace:

var user = await User.LoginAsync(new Uri("..."), Credentials.UsernamePassword(...));
var config = new FullSyncConfiguration(new Uri(...), user);


var app = App.Create("my-app-id");
var user = await app.LoginAsync(Credentials.EmailPassword(...));
var config = new SyncConfiguration("partition", user);

We also just published the .NET docs that should hopefully clarify a few concepts related to how to use the .NET SDK with MongoDB Realm. We also have a migration guide that may also be helpful.

But to answer your questions - for a new project, it would probably be a bad idea to base it off the legacy Realm Cloud - all new development targets MongoDB Realm and you’ll be missing out on a lot of new functionality, including new datatypes, platforms, and performance improvements.

If you do have specific questions or issues, we’d be happy to help clear things up.


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