MongoDB Realm allow this kind of architecture?

I want to achieve something like that:

  • My app communicate with my REST API (that use a MongoDB Atlas as data source);
  • Stores that data returned by the API locally;
  • This data is then synced with a Realm Cloud instance;
  • The Realm Cloud data is then synced with MongoDB Atlas (the same that my API use as data source);

Some important points:

  • The data into Realm Cloud instance should be saved as private data (1 “realm” per user);
  • MongoDB should be able to sync data back to these Realm Cloud private realms (since my web frontend doesn’t use Realm, just my API + Mongo DB atlas);

PS: I am using the term Realm Cloud instance because I used to use Realm Cloud before MongoDB Realm. This is still the right term?

@Robson_Barreto Is this a hypothetical or have you already implemented this? Its definitely possible to replicate data between the legacy Realm Cloud and the MongoDB Realm cloud (which goes to Atlas). This would need some sort of server-side app to react to changes on both sides and replicate data back and forth - in general though, I would encourage you to move toward a fully MongoDB Realm sync architecture and move off legacy Realm Cloud.

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