MongoDB not running on the provided host and port (Compass) & Cannot reach any nodes for Cluster (Command Prompt)

Hello All: Hope all of you are having fun time learning the MongoDB Basics!

I have a problem with connectivity. Up until last night I was at my home Internet and everything seemed to work just fine. I am in the middle of the Chapter-2 learning flow.

Earlier today I came into my work location (AT&T) and got connected to my corporate network. When I try to connect either through Compass or through command prompt (Shell) to the Class Cluster I am receiving connectivity errors.

Regular internet browsing is allowed and happening on my corporate network.

I am sure this is some sort of a configuration that one of you gurus might be able to enlighten me with. Can you please help?

PS: Just so you all know, I am posting this thread while on my Corporate Internet. In addition while at work I did try to disconnect from the corporate network and tried connecting through my Cell phone’s Hotspot and everything seems to again work just fine. So, I assume this might be some configuration issue that I should be able to get past easily, just not knowing what to do! :frowning:


Hi Kumar_Ramamoorthy_07282,

Thanks for reaching out to us. The problem might be that your IT team has blocked outside connections. You can test using:


If you see a message showing Request Timeout, then it might be network blocking issue. You can ask your IT team to allow these addresses:,,


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Thank you, Kanika! Instead of receiving a timeout, I receive the error “Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again.”.

But when I simply ping, it is able to ping with no issues.

My problem must most definitely be related to AT&T blocking connections. The IT Team is so huge and cumbersome and I highly doubt they would change anything. Anyways I will continue to study from home once I get back.

Thanks for checking,

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My error is including 27017 in the hostname.

Port 27017 is provided by default in the Compass dashboard.

Use without the 27017 port.

Copying and pasting included the port :27017. This will generate an error when connecting.

My error in the hostname was from using