MongoDB Node.js Driver 3.6.10 Released

The MongoDB Node.js team is pleased to announce version 3.6.10 of the mongodb package!

Release Highlights

This patch addresses a few bugs listed below. Notably the bsonRegExp option is now respected by the underlying BSON library, you can use this to decode regular expressions that contain syntax not permitted in native JS RegExp objects. Take a look at this example:

await collection.insertOne({ a: new BSONRegExp('(?-i)AA_') })
await collection.findOne({ a: new BSONRegExp('(?-i)AA_') }, { bsonRegExp: true })
// { _id: ObjectId, a: BSONRegExp { pattern: '(?-i)AA_', options: '' } }

Also there was an issue with Cursor.forEach where user defined forEach callbacks that throw errors incorrectly handled catching errors. Take a look at the comments in this example:

collection.find({}).forEach(doc => {
    if (doc.bad) throw new Error('bad document!');
}).catch(error => {
    // (v3.6.10) now this is called! and error is `bad document!`
// (v3.6.9 and older) before this fix the `bad document!` error would be thrown synchronously
// and have to be caught with try catch out here

Bug Fixes

  • NODE-2035: Exceptions thrown from awaited cursor forEach do not propagate (#2852) (a917dfa)
  • NODE-3150: added bsonRegExp option for v3.6 (#2843) (e4a9a57)
  • NODE-3358: Command monitoring objects hold internal state references (#2858) (750760c)
  • NODE-3380: perform retryable write checks against server (#2861) (621677a)
  • NODE-3397: report more helpful error with unsupported authMechanism in initial handshake (#2876) (3ce148d)


We invite you to try the mongodb package immediately, and report any issues to the NODE project.

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