MongoDB Node.js Driver 3.5.10 Released

The MongoDB Node.js team is pleased to announce version 3.5.10 of the driver

NOTE: This will be the final release in the 3.5.x branch, please consider upgrading to 3.6.0

Release Highlights

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘documents’ of null

@adrian-gierakowski helped us identify a bug with our ChangeStreamCursor, specifically when the cursor
was complete it would not return a valid document but instead a null value.

Command helper not respecting server selection specification rules

The server selection specification indicates that the “runCommand” helper should act
as a read operation for the purposes of server selection, and that it should use a default read
preference of “primary” which can only be overridden by the helper itself. The driver had a bug
where it would inherit the read preference from its “parent” type (Collection, Db, MongoClient)
which is at odds with the specified behavior.

mongodb+srv invalid IPv6 support

Due to a bug in how we referred to ipv6 addresses internal to the driver, if a mongodb+srv
connection string was provided with an ipv6 address the driver would never be able to connect
and would result in a the following error RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.

maxStalenessSeconds not accepted when provided via options

There was a bug in our connection string and MongoClient options parsing where a value provided
for maxStalenessSeconds would not end up being reflected in the ReadPreference used internal
to the driver.

Sessions are prohibited with unacknowledged writes

MongoDB can provide no guarantees around unacknowledged writes when used within a session. The
driver will now silently remove the lsid field from all writes issued with { w: 0 }, and
will return an error in these situations in the upcoming 4.0 major release.


Reference: MongoDB Node.js Driver
API: Index
Changelog: node-mongodb-native/ at 3.5 · mongodb/node-mongodb-native · GitHub
Release Notes: Release Notes - MongoDB Jira

We invite you to try the driver immediately, and report any issues to the NODE project.

Thanks very much to all the community members who contributed to this release!