MongoDB.Net running with Snappy compression under mono?

Hi, we’ve been using the C# Mongo driver under mono for some time now. Currently we’re on MongoDB 2.12.0 on mono in macos and linux.

We recently enabled snappy compression but our runtime is now crashing with the following error:

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find library runtimes\win\native\snappy64.dll. Checked /Users/jchow/.../bin/Debug/runtimes\win\native\snappy64.dll;/Users/jchow/.../bin/Debug/..\..\/runtimes\win\native\snappy64.dll;/Users/jchow/.../bin/Debug/runtimes\win\native\snappy64.dll

Is anyone else using snappy under mono and experiencing this problem? Is this problem due to us not running under .Net?

Thanks in advance,