MongoDB .NET Analyzer 1.2.0 Released

MongoDB .NET Analyzer 1.2.0 Release Notes

This is the general availability release for the 1.2.0 version of the analyzer.

The main new features in 1.2.0 include:

Builders for Atlas Search limited support

// Search definition (analyzer provides mql as information message)
var searchTitle = Builders<Movie>.Search.Wildcard(p => p.Title, "Green D*");

// MQL is displayed for 'searchTitle' variable

Support for default LINQ3 provider in 2.19.0 and higher driver versions

Default LINQ provider version is set automatically to V2 in 2.18.0 and lower versions and to V3 in 2.19.0 and higher versions.
For more information see DefaultLinqVersion option in Analyzer configuration.

Main bug fixes in 1.2.0 include:

VS-79 LINQ expressions are not analyzed without “using MongoDB.Driver.Linq;”

The full list of JIRA issues resolved in this release is available here.


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