Mongodb mongosh on ubuntu or debian oct '22

Hey guys I’m sorry. Last year’s installation was a breeze. Now, after a hiatus, I want to get back into learning and have tried using Ubuntu 20.04, debian11.5,11.4,11.0 and I get no love from any of those distros while trying to install both MongoDB and mongosh. Works fine on windows. But I would also like to be able to duplicate the learning experience on a Linux distro. systemctl says failed mongod service, mongod at the command line says “Illegal instruction”. right now I’m using Debian 11.5. I don’t know what repository to add that won;t give me errors. Any help would be appreciated.

I would be willing to help out with a solution.
mongod tries to load but fails everytime whether on boot or by hand.

mongod --configi=/etc/mongod.conf tells me “Illegal instruction”

Perhaps the repo trees has problems? Does anyone have a running version of Debian or Ubuntu running MongoDB community edition working as of today October 15th, 2022 specifically within a virtualbox? (and specifically what versions are you using? ) I just tried Buster with 4.4 community edition: no go. What I find so surprising is that last year it was a just “bing bang finished” install – with zero problems and easy connections. Btw I’m not in love with deb nor ubuntu. Ok I’ll shut up now. Thanks in advance.

Ok I think I figured out what the deal is. Mongo is doing some massive rearranging of links and sites. It became evident when I realized that all the links from other sites that point to “how-tos” are all different. Importantly the pgp/asc site has been moved. Plus Ubunto is phasing out some commands confusing the matter. Good luck guys. Hopefully in the next few weeks… hopefully.

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