MongoDB makes checkpoints and snapshot all the time

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I have a problem with MongoDB. It’s been taking this snapshot for days. Is there anything I can do to disable it? If it would be possible can you send me the command. And one more question
Snapshot: hastebin

I have linked my CollectionAPI here, which I programmed in Java and I wanted to ask if it is so good or if an improvement is urgently needed. We make a Minecraft server with MongoDB and we have MongoDB problems, sometimes we just time out from the server and I assume that the connection to the MongoDB server is broken.

CollectionAPI: hastebin

Am only new to the forum, if I have a wrong category, please excuse me

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Hi @ItsKnxck_N_A welcome to the community!

Snapshots and checkpoints are internal WiredTiger methods to persist data to disk. See the Snapshots and Checkpoints section in the manual page for more details. Thus you cannot turn them off, since then you’ll have no data persisted. Those log lines are for informative purposes only, and do not indicate that there is any issue.

Regarding the Java code you posted, I believe you might have better response on specific Java-related site, such as StackOverflow or CodeReview StackExchange, since this forum is specific to MongoDB.

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