Mongodb long connection causes too many connections to be released in time

php 7.0.33

php --ri mongodb

MongoDB support => enabled
MongoDB extension version => 1.3.4
MongoDB extension stability => stable
libbson bundled version => 1.8.2
libmongoc bundled version => 1.8.2
libmongoc SSL => enabled
libmongoc SSL library => OpenSSL
libmongoc crypto => enabled
libmongoc crypto library => libcrypto
libmongoc crypto system profile => disabled
libmongoc SASL => disabled
Directive => Local Value => Master Value
mongodb.debug => no value => no value 

Too many links after linking mongodb atlas Unable to disconnect in time

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What version of MongoDB is your Atlas cluster running?

The MongoDB PHP 1.3.4 extension was released on 2 Dec 2017 and is more than four years old now. My first suggestion would be to upgrade to the latest version of the PHP extension which is compatible with your MongoDB server version and PHP runtime.

According to the PHP Extension Language Compatibility reference, the latest extension version supporting PHP 7.0 is the MongoDB 1.9 PHP extension. The most recent 1.9 release was 1.9.2 in July 2021.