[MongoDB .local Events] MongoDB is heading out on a World Tour!

Hello All!

MongoDB is heading out on a world tour to bring the best, most relevant content directly to you! Join us to connect with MongoDB experts, meet fellow users building the next big thing, and be among the first to hear the latest announcements!

Register Now with **MUG50** discount code to get 50% off! For India-based events use Invite Code **MDB.Community.23** to register yourself for the event.

Learn from experts and connect with the community

What to Expect?

  • :microphone: Keynote Presentations: Learn about the latest product announcements from MongoDB industry leaders.

  • :computer: Technical Sessions: Experience educational technical sessions for all levels, delivered by MongoDB experts and customers.

    • Relational Migrator
      Learn how to easily migrate a relational database to MongoDB with one-time or continuous data migration.

    • Data Modeling
      Learn data modeling principles, and take your models to the next level with tips and tricks from the experts.

    • Atlas Search:
      Explore the Atlas Search ecosystem and how you can use it to effortlessly integrate search into your applications.

  • :placard: MongoDB Product Demos: Stop by the MongoDB booth for demos of the latest products and to get your questions answered.

  • :people_holding_hands: Networking: Meet with our MongoDB enthusiasts in your area to share ideas and expand your network.

MongoDB Events in Your Region!

Regional Virtual Communities

Join our regional virtual user groups to connect with MongoDB Community in your region and stay updated on events in your time zone!

:earth_asia: Asia Pacific

:earth_asia: India

:earth_africa: DACH

:earth_africa: Europe, Middle East, and Africa

:earth_americas: Latin America

:earth_americas: US East Central

:earth_americas: US West

Find and register for a .local event near you.

:o: :checkered_flag: Use code MUG50 for 50% off your ticket!!
:o: Use Invite Code MDB.Community.23 for .locals in India

Upcoming Events:

City Date
Beijing August 29
Shenzhen August 31
Hong Kong September 5
Tel Aviv September 5
Taipei September 7
Kuala Lumpur September 12
Bangalore September 12
Seoul September 13
Bangkok September 14
Delhi September 14
Jakarta September 19
Singapore September 21
Frankfurt September 21
London September 26
Boston October 4
Milan October 4
Mumbai October 4
Dallas October 12
Atlanta October 24
Paris November 7
Stockholm November 16

We look forward to seeing you at these events! :slight_smile:


We’re looking forward to meeting community members at these events! Please share if you’re planning to attend!


Hey regarding the MongoDB.local Bangalore event, it’s mentioned that it’s free of cost to attend. In that case, should I use MUG50 as invite code?

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Hey @_karanel,
For India-based .locals you could use MDB.Community.23 to register for the event :slight_smile:

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Hey @Harshit, actually I registered with my work email (karan@phoenixrp.io) without a code entering it as “NA”, and I can’t register again.
Could you help me out? :sweat_smile:

No problem @_karanel. You don’t need to register again.
We will let the team know about it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you at the event!


Hey @Harshit, I registered with my work email with a code entering it as “yogesh”, I can’t register again.
Could you please help?

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Hey @yogesh_mishra,
Let us check with the team and help you out. Could you also in the meantime, use the “Contact the Organiser” button on the registration page to share your concern.


I am a student. Which Email should I use for .local Mumbai to register as it is not accepting my personal email. Should I use my college email instead?

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Yes, you can probably use your college email.


Registered. See y’all there!

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Thanks for sharing Harshit, would be there in the Boston Meetup.
Can you also update if there would be any events in Canada for this tour - Toronto/Vancouver?


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Hi Devang - thanks for your interest! We are starting a MongoDB User Group in Boston in late October after the .local event. You can go ahead and join here: Boston, us: mongodb user group - MongoDB Developer Community Forums

There aren’t any .local events in Canada this year.

Robbed, Toronto was robbed I say! :grinning:

Hi, I registered for the .local Bengaluru event, but I didn’t receive any confirmation email.

Can you please tell by when we will receive the confirmation for this event?

Hey @rakesh_verma24,
Our team is currently in the process of sending out confirmations for the event. We understand that this may cause some anticipation. Also, preference is being given to professionals as the content is tailored to their needs.

In the meantime, we invite you to join our Bangalore User Group to stay informed about any upcoming meetups in the region.



26th August Ahmmedabad is missing.

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Hey, @Anjesh_Agrawal That is our MongoDB User Group Meetup event run and managed by the community leaders, while these .locals are larger day-long events, majorly run by MongoDB Staff. It has around 7-8 sessions, booths and ask the experts sections to interact with MongoDB staff.

This year .locals in India are being held in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. :slight_smile:

hello , i registered for MongoDB .local mumbai but didn’t received any acknowledgment about the event ,
i even wrote the mail to organizer didnt receive any response, either the computergenerated nor thereply mail

Hey @AKSHAT_Kotpalliwar,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community! :leaves:

That is correct. The team would soon start to send out confirmation emails to the registered folks. In the meanwhile, you can also explore our MongoDB User group in Mumbai: MUG-Mumbai.