[MongoDB .local Events] MongoDB is heading out on a World Tour!

i am too excited , the new technology i am learning and attending the event is like a dream ,


Hi @Harshit even I have done the same by entering NA for the code. I am unable to register again, can you please help me out as well? Thanks a lot!

Hey @Aaditya_Shah,
That should not be a problem, the team is rolling out confirmations. The preference is being given to professionals as the content is tailored to their needs. If you registered using your company email ID you should be receiving the confirmation sooner :slight_smile:

Hi Team,

I received a confirmation email.However in that email it is mentioned that I’ll be receiving an entry pass,
Any Idea on when we’ll be receiving the same.

Thanks and Regards!!!

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I’ve received the confirmation for Delhi, thanks @Harshit! See you there.

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Hi team , I received a confirmation mail but on the site its mentioned that a QR code will be sent along with confirmation mail, which i did not received . Any idea till when we will be getting that

Hello everyone,
Just a quick update - the QR codes will be sent out via email, text message, and WhatsApp one week before the event.

Looking forward to seeing most of you at the events.



Hi, I haven’t received any confirmation mail yet (i’ve used my company email ID), does that mean I’ll still get the QR code invitation one week before the event?

Hey @Aaditya_Shah,
The team has informed us that they have received an overwhelming number of registrations and not everyone will be confirmed.

You may receive your confirmation email soon if you registered within the last couple of weeks. Once you receive a confirmation email, you will receive a QR code close to the event.

I should loose hope I guess , we don’t stand anywhere as of now

HI did anyone got the qr code for bangalore event ?

Hi @Harshit ,

I registered a month back for the Mumbai location when can I expect the confirmation email?

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I received it today thank you