MongoDB is best choice of DB for communication app?

Hey MongoDB Team & Community,
I am looking up for some info - “is mongo the best database for communications app?”, whether one wants to build instant chat app or email server or video meeting apps or even a TOTP app.

Anybody has any authentic articles or use case on why one should use mongo than any other database (mainly comparisons between redis and oracle 19c or 21c with every data supported)

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MongoDB is used for many chat applications. The primary benefits associated with the document model enable you to seamlessly extend your application as you build functionality. I think it’s hard to say that one database or another is the BEST without understanding more about the application but rest assured that MongoDB has been the choice for many popular chat applications. I’m curious about what you’re building… and what other requirements you may have. The thing I like about MongoDB is that it’s a platform… the underlying database is easy to use in whatever language you’re coding… it’s idiomatic… i.e. you simply use JavaScript to interact with MongoDB using Objects when you’re coding in JavaScript, Pythonic expressions in Python, etc.

I wrote an article describing how to leverage Realm (formerly called Stitch) to integrate directly with a very popular chat platform, Slack. This may help you in your architecture… leveraging an API to manage events occurring in your application is a great way to centralize logic. You may also want to consider leveraging Triggers as part of managing interactions.

Hope this helps.