MongoDB installation M220JS Chapter 0

We supposed to Install mongoDB locally for this project?

I am lost on step: 9 from README file.

  1. Now you can test the setup by
    connecting via the Mongo shell. You can find instructions to connect in the
    Connect Your Application section of the cluster dashboard:

… image::

Go to your cluster Overview -> Connect -> Connect Your Application.
Select the option corresponding to your local MongoDB version and copy the
mongo connection command.

The below example connects to Atlas as the user you created before, with
username m220student and password m220password. You can run this command
from your command line:

… code-block:: sh

mongo “mongodb+srv://m220student:m220password@<YOUR_CLUSTER_URI>”

By connecting to the server from your host machine, you have validated that the
cluster is configured and reachable from your local workstation.

You may see the following message when you connect::

Error while trying to show server startup warnings: user is not allowed to do action [getLog] on [admin.]

This is a log message, not an error - feel free to ignore it.

Importing Data (Optional)

Thank you!

Yes. You can download it here.

We always recommend everyone to take M001 course to get started and get familiar with Mongo commands. :slight_smile: