MongoDB from Vagrant interface, Unable to load data

I’m having 32 bit windows and cannot install mongoDB 4.0 version. So i have been running mongoDB 4.0 from Vagrant through virtual box. I’m unable to navigate the folder which are present in my host machine i.e windows folders are not showing into my virtual box . Please help how to load data through virtual box running in windows 10 system.

It is very easy
One of your windows dir is mapped to vagrant(unix dir)
Please identify that first
In my case
==> mongod-m103: Mounting shared folders…
mongod-m103: /shared => C:/Users/ramrt/M003/m103-vagrant-env/shared

So here /shared is the dir on vagrant box
Create a file on windows and you can see it on unix box
by this command
ls -lrt /shared
or cd /shared
ls -lrt