Mongodb downgarde from enterprise to community

What is the the impact of downgrading the existing MongoDB Enterprise addition software to MongoDB Community version

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The impact of downgrading is that you no longer have access to Enterprise-only features such as Encrypted Storage Engine, In-Memory Storage Engine, Kerberos Authentication, LDAP Proxy Auth, or Auditing.

If you want to downgrade without downtime you can use a replica set configuration to perform a rolling downgrade to Community Edition similar to Upgrade to Enterprise.

The core features of Community & Enterprise Server (eg replication and default storage engine) are compatible between server editions, so if you aren’t using an Enterprise storage engine (Encrypted or In-Memory), you can also downgrade by removing any Enterprise-specific options from your mongod configuration and restarting with the Community Server binaries.


But this is am thinking about downgrade to 2 months only. will it worth for these time period if i go for downgrade. Ultimate intention was to save the cost.

Is WiredTiger storage engine avaialble in the community edition.

Hi @Aswin_K,

If your company is already paying for MongoDB Enterprise, you presumably (a) need some Enterprise features and (b) are on annual Enterprise Advanced subscription. Downgrading for two months would not result in any obvious cost savings.

Yes, WiredTiger is the default storage engine in both server editions and the file format is the same for equivalent MongoDB server releases (eg Community Server 5.0 vs Enterprise Server 5.0).


Thank you for reply.