MongoDB DBA Learning Path

Hello MongoDB University -

When I started the DBA Learning Path a few weeks ago there were five courses listed - M001 - MongoDB Basics, M103 - Basic Cluster Admin, M201 - MongoDB Performance, M310 - Security, M312 - Diagnostics and Debugging.

I have completed M001 and M103 and currently in the middle of M201. When I looked today M310 no longer appeared in the track and the track now shows 4 total courses and not 5. What happened to course M310 concerning security (users, roles, etc)?

Ed Villanacci

Another student had the same query few days back
Looks like this course is retired?
Course instructors can confirm on that
But you see another course A310 related to security with a banner new course

Thanks for the reply - I will look for Course A310

Where can I find Course A310? I do not see that course listed under the “All Courses” tab.

Sorry i meant A300.Typo in my reply while referring to the old course M310
You can see this under all courses tab the only course related to security