MongoDB Data Model Design Tool

What would be the preferred MongoDB Data Model Design Tool?
Ideally something that analyses a database and drafts relationships. But for starters anything that helps me visualise my model, and lets me communicate it to the team and document it.

E.g. what did Daniel Coupal e.a. use to design embedded documents.

I’d even be happy if I had something like plantuml class diagrams where I can write diagrams as code and have diagrams generated on build time, but plantuml does not support a notion of nested types as would be required for embedded documents.

We used the ER diagram module in LucidCharts.
You get to have the Entity boxes and the Crow foot symbols.
What we needed to do manually is:

  • embed entities
  • add the cardinality
  • add additional fingers to represent “zillions”.

If you know of any good ER tool to represent document, please let us know.


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For ERD I prefer Visio to LucidChart but that’s just my personal preference. Mind Maps in LucidChart are great though!

There’s also Hackolade which does nesting of fields which other tools don’t do and it looks to be more interwoven to the NoSQL paradigm than any other tool.


Several of the major data modeling tools support MongoDb. Some better than others.

Hackolade as mentioned before is my preferred tool. Erwin Does support MongoDb with it SaaS NoSQL product and does show embedded objects correctly. Er/Studio also supports MongoDb but does uses a special “contains” relationship notation to model the embedded objects that I find can be confusing.

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