Mongodb crash TTLMonitor "Invariant failure"


Mongodb crashed on our production server with this error :

2020-03-23T22:37:14.687+0100 I - [TTLMonitor] Invariant failure: ret resulted in status UnknownError: 5: Input/output error at src/mongo/db/storage/wiredtiger/wiredtiger_index.cpp 1238
2020-03-23T22:37:14.688+0100 I - [TTLMonitor]

***aborting after invariant() failure

2020-03-23T22:37:14.746+0100 F - [TTLMonitor] Got signal: 6 (Aborted).

0x55ef43768cb1 0x55ef43767ec9 0x55ef437683ad 0x7f7a8dacc5e0 0x7f7a8d72f1f7 0x7f7a8d7308e8 0x55ef429f9199 0x55ef4343f9a8 0x55ef4343df76 0x55ef42e46c6a 0x55ef42e490f3 0x55ef42bebc34 0x55ef42bebfc6 0x55ef42bbfc2f 0x55ef42d624ae 0x55ef42d87843 0x55ef4309307a 0x55ef4309399b 0x55ef43093acd 0x55ef43474c8f 0x55ef43475dfa 0x55ef43476538 0x55ef436d2d31 0x55ef441e7620 0x7f7a8dac4e25 0x7f7a8d7f234d

db version v3.4.18
build environment:
distmod: rhel70
distarch: x86_64
target_arch: x86_64

Any Idea for this error ?



3.4 Is no longer supported in general.

Your version is Nov 2018 vintage so if you are stuck on 3.4 for ${REASONS} you should at least upgrade to 3.4.24.

I don’t see any TTL specific issues in 3.4 Release Notes But you can go and dig through the Closed jiras for each release to be sure.

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