MongoDB course joined late


I have joined mongodb course M001 little late which started earlier this week, I have received an email which says the course has weekly deadlines for assignments and each week I’l receive check-in email and so on. Where can I find all this because I have joined late? I have not received an email as well.


Please check our forum
Update from Shubham Ranjan,Curriculum Support Engineer

In order to make MongoDB University curriculum more accessible we have made several major updates to all of our courses:

  1. We’ve removed unlockable chapters. You’ll now have access to the entirety of a course’s curriculum from the moment you enroll.
  2. Chapters no longer have weekly deadlines. The removal of chapter deadlines enhances your ability as a user to learn at your own pace.
  3. You’ll now have two months to complete a course before progress is lost.

This is applicable for all the future offerings as well as all the offerings which began in March

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I don’t think I have fully understood your clarification Ramachandra, but am glad there are no weekly assignments and I have two months time to finish this course. Eitherways, email instructions seems outdated.

Hi @Shravan,

Thanks for surfacing this. I will check with the team and see if we need to update the instructions in the e-mail.

Just for clarification - There are no weekly deadlines for the assignment anymore. You could check the end date on the Course Overview page or on the Chapters page.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

~ Shubham

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Hi @Shravan,

Can you please share the content of the e-mail that you are referring to ?

~ Shubham

Sorry for the late response @Shubham_Ranjan I just logged-in to the forum. Below is the requested info:

M001: MongoDB Basics has started!

The course opened on July 14 and course material is open now.

[Go to My Course]

Things to know before you start:

Course content :

The course is composed of pre-recorded lecture videos which you may watch at any time during the run of the course. There are weekly deadlines for assignments. Once our course begins, each week will include a check-in email, video lectures, quizzes, and homework assignments or labs.

Assignments :

The homework assignments/labs will comprise one half of your grade and the final exam one half of your grade.

Discussion Forums :

The discussion forums are an active, fun place to share ideas. Your fellow course participants come from all over the world and it is likely that someone else has asked a question that relates to any problem you might be having. Search the forum discussions to see if help has already been provided. In addition, our teaching assistant will also be helping you in the class.

Course Completion Confirmation :

As a reminder, you will receive a course completion confirmation from MongoDB, Inc. provided you achieve 65% on the graded assessments . Details are provided in the first lecture.

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Our mailing address is:
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Hi @Shravan,

Thanks for sharing the information. We will update the content of the email.

~ Shubham

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