Mongodb compass stable version keeps on crashing on windows 10.(

I installed mongodb compass stable version from official website, but whenever i try to run exe file it crashes.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. download mongdodb compass
  2. run the exe file
  3. close mongodb compass
  4. and now whenever you will run the file it prompts javascript object failed.

version: mongodb compass 1.15.4
Note: this issue was not in community version of campus

Hi anaam_05364,

You have run into this known bug: Compass - JavaScript error at startup - “Object has been destroyed”

You might need to reinstall Compass, download it here

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks, Kanika

This may be of help/interest.

I’m running Compass 1.15.4 under Windows 10.

If I exit Compass by closing the window (clicking on the ‘x’, top-right), I get the error:

Compass - JavaScript error at startup - “Object has been destroyed"

the next time I try to start Compass. Once this has happened, the only solution I’ve found is to reinstall Compass. However …

If I exit Compass by using the Exit command - either using the ‘Connect’ menu or [CTRL/Q] - all is well.

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I had the same issue but you can fix it by terminating the process. Go to the task manager by ctl + alt + del and on the process list see if other mongo compass is running, if it is running right click on it and end the process. You don’t need to reinstall compass…

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yes only solution for this is to be uninstall and install it again.

and, one more thing i want to share on my experience,this error will occur more and more time if u r using windows 7 OS.
this problem won’t occure in windows higher version like Windows 10.